Conclusion: The Harley Pasternak Blender can turn ice and frozen fruits into healthy ice creams

Conclusion: The Harley Pasternak Blender can turn ice and frozen fruits into healthy ice creams

The horsepower Power Blender requisite just a bit most liquid than a Vitamix has to become two (2) cups of suspended good fresh fruit into a comfortable provide ice cream (using about a half cup fluid in every).

When we examined with 2 cups of components, the tamper cannot achieve the strong sides with the wider based jar, so when the ingredients got trapped, the device must be ceased and cover got rid of, to make certain that we can easily after that push other elements toward the blades with a spatula to complete creating the ice-cream! (notice: whenever we tested this dish once more with 3 cups of good fresh fruit and 3/4 cup of liquid, the tamper was all we needed seriously to make all of our Nice Cream!)

If you’d like to render lower than 2 portions you’ll likely should remove the cover and employ a spatuala to drive formulation to the knife.

Harley Pasternak Blender vs Vitamix a€“ Grinding Rice Flour Test

Brown rice was used to do our milling examination to find out if the HP Power Blender could switch cereals into flour effectively. This feature is very great for those planning to create their gluten-free flours and gluten-free quality recipes, which more and more people are trying to do… Plus whon’t totally love having the ability to work coffees for a beautiful French newspapers, also switching flax and chia seeds into healthy meal, all of that are an ideal affordable Superfood increases that will be easily added to smoothies!

Having blended damp, hot and cold foods effortlessly, we were Making Friends dating confident that the horsepower electricity Blender could deal with dry components.

One (1) cup of whole grain brown grain had gotten thoroughly obliterated into rice flour in some over one minute… which when compared to our Vitamix in its expectations 64-ounce moist jar, and their dry products jar (basically about $100 additional purchase), both jars ground the grain into flour to the same reliability while the horsepower energy Blender-but they performed thus in a shorter time, about half a minute.

We furthermore tried grinding flax seed during the Harley Pasternak blender. We didn’t have quite a glass so couldn’t include the blade completely, however it had been able to work whole flax seed products into flax meal quickly and easily, in just 37 moments!

Note: the energy Blender’s guide demonstrably states that a€?chopping/grinding hard elements may scratch or mar the inside on the Jara€?-though this will certainly not change the show of your blender. However, this kind of carried on incorporate may dull the blades… After all of our first assessments we seen some VERY slight scratch markings during the container. This can be entirely normal in addition to happens with Vitamix and Blendtec blenders.

Bottom line: even though it got only a little more than the Vitamix to attain the exact same consistency, we were all in all fairly satisfied because of the Harley Pasternak Blender’s milling abilities-especially since you can work in the same jar and never have to acquire a separate/specific grinding container!

Harley Pasternak Blender vs Vitamix a€“ Ice Grinding

Having the ability to grind ice into snowfall effortlessly helps to develop restaurant high quality cocktails, ice products, and smoothies. But this simple task can be troublesome for almost all blenders.

At a minute with reasonable tamper support, also the powerful vortex developed by Vitamix’s specially-designed bin, the Vitamix 5200 easily smashed two glasses of cubed ice into great snow-however they performed leave enough stuck underneath the razor-sharp blades, which requires worry to eliminate…

When it comes to Harley Pasternak Blender we observed the hands-on guidelines and utilized the PULSE ability constantly to crush 2 cups of ice. It broken the ice into snow rather rapidly!

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