Once they have managed to let her, Sumi put up close attitude towards him but decides to not state the girl like

Once they have managed to let her, Sumi put up close attitude towards him but decides to not state the girl like

1st, Kazuya try pushy on the Ruka. Just after he realized that she guessed Chizuru as an effective rental-wife, the guy made an effort to lie in order to this lady to eliminate any potential worry away from this lady gossiping regarding their fake relationships. Ruka got misunderstandings that Kazuya was a superficial people; individual who only wanted to experience the sense of which have good soulmate. Immediately following Kazuya stored her away from an autumn and gave away terms and conditions regarding legitimate appeal, she starts to open on the your.

Their reputation caused it to be so as that the woman cardiovascular system will not overcome as the fast because a consistent individual. It absolutely was only immediately following Kazuya stored her, you to definitely she felt as if adhering to him are definitely the you are able to services. After, she relates to accept that that it is unrequited like she felt towards the your and you will attempts to come across a way to independent both him and you will Chizuru so that the girl to own your all of the getting herself. Ruka had even gone far to avoid her job just like the an effective rental partner and then followed Kazuya to operate in the same nearest and dearest karaoke which have him. Which pushy emotions always makes Kazuya’s impression on Chizuru becoming crumbled on account of this lady appeal. Although Kazuya usually was able to eliminate themselves to continue his attitude towards the Chizuru.

Sumi Sakurasawa

According to consult by the Chizuru, Kazuya went with the a practice time having Sumi. Initially, he had trouble adjusting to the girl once they earliest met, due to exactly how closed and shy she try. He attempted bringing the girl to relax and play things to simply help this lady, however, so you can no get; constantly ending with both of them being embarrassed from exactly how personal it can bemunicating which have sign language, facial words and limited talking, Kazuya noticed that she actually is seeking to the lady very best to improve by herself and let this lady during the finding the woman purpose; one-step simultaneously.

She’s ready to help Kazuya as he is actually you desire, specifically as he need advice about their and you can Chizuru’s matchmaking.

Yoshiaki Kibe

A virtually youngsters pal regarding Kazuya. It realized each other long ago during the preschool. Kazuya might be in assault away from Kibe’s vicious however, amicable statements regarding the lady he is after.

The guy, Kazuya and Ignore commonly go out together with her in school otherwise just after they. Due to the fact that the guy knows his granny, Kazuya and you can Chizuru needed to maintain the latest fake matchmaking, in order for its grandmothers’ don’t find out the information.

In the coastline vacation, Kibe realized that Kazuya is having situation making reference to Mami’s break up and never offered Chizuru’s feeling. Consequently, Kibe was outraged of the Kazuya’s behavior and you may titled him away for being indecisive. Even with being unsure of the real characteristics out-of Kazuya and you can Chizuru’s matchmaking, he stuck up getting him as the a friend and you will presented he cared about him by the talking to Chizuru regarding the resettling the partnership that have Kazuya.

Given that they are unaware off Kazuya and you will Chizuru’s real relationships, Kibe try blissfully unacquainted with just how his actions i where Kazuya spent some time working with no concept of the consequences.

Ignore Kuribayashi

Kazuya’s friend regarding university. He, abdlmatch giriÅŸ Kazuya, and you may Kibe usually hang out with her at school or immediately after it. Identical to Kibe, the guy in addition to wants to touch upon Kazuya’s adventures which have girlfriends.

His relationship which have Ignore nearly getting ripped apart when Kazuya is actually involved with Ruka and you may had damaged to own their just like the their local rental wife. However, Kazuya able to amend so it by making Avoid to help you rent Chizuru while the an apology, which have zero options but to help you comfort your one to actually this woman is their rental girlfriend, maybe not the genuine one. Ignore are handled from this and you can assured to store Kazuya and you will Chizuru’s relationship to be a key.

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