About Us

Sufra International started its business journey as a online trading company in Pakistan in 2021, however its incorporate business is already disseminating in Dubai, Gulf states and European countries. Initially, we have started the sales and marketing of consumer food products, spices and allied goods with the manufacturing collaboration of Alnoor Trading Lahore. Sufra International is setting up the highest standards of online trading business services to facilitate our valued customers and respected clients. Most often our stakeholders has rewarded us appreciation for the quality Supplies and in-time delivery of services. We foresee to providing clean, healthy and fresh products to our customers in an economic package. At our manufacturing site, we maintain hygienic working environment and take care of the taste, aroma and appearance of products during manufacturing and handling of products.

Why Us?

Our buyers are wonderfully unique and we do everything we can to help you find your required product. We’re committed to provide best quality products so you can be confident we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

Scope of Work

Sales and marketing of consumer products and household goods through Convenient and customer friendly on-line trading software.
We deal in, the supply of all types of whole & ground spices. In addition, deal in the supply of Frying Marinades, Baking Powder, supplying Fresh materials, Cereals, Pulses, Food grains and any other Food Raw Materials.
Our manufacturing site is dealing with a number of Food industries in providing quality materials. They have the facility of in-house hygienic grinding, sifting, packaging and other food manufacturing unit operations. Also involved in the manufacturing and supplies of various flavors of Seasonings to different Food Industries maintaining high standards of product and customer satisfaction.