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Our Garam Masala Seasoning”14 SPICE BLEND ”. Garam Masala Seasoning is best when added at the end of cooking and can even be sprinkled on a dish when serving. This mix can be used in curries, lentils, soups or just sprinkled in some scrambled eggs.

Sufra’s Pink Salts are refined, food graded salt with free flow properties. It is hand mined salt that is derived from the foothills of the Himalayan range. Pink salt is the purest salt to be found on earth.



Garam Masala

Garam masala translates from Urdu to “hot spice blend.” It’s not creative, but it is accurate. Our garam masala seasoning blend is particularly popular in Pakistani cuisine. “Garam” is the “hot” in “hot spice blend,” though this refers to the pungency of the mixture as opposed to the heat from cayenne pepper. Bitter, hot spices such as black pepper, black cardamom, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon and cumin make up the bulk of the garam masala spice mix.

Pink Salt

Mined from the Potwar Plateau in the Punjab region of Pakistan, pink salt is one of the most sought out salts in the world. The color comes from trace minerals trapped in the crystals making this salt particularly wholesome. The salt mines that pink salt comes from are dated to be nearly 450 million years old, give or take a 100 million years


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