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Red chili powder is high in beta carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A. This spice is used to add pungency and flavor to dishes. Chili powder is primarily used as a spice and can be cooked or dried and powdered. Powdered, red chili powder is known as paprika.

Sufra International brings to you premium and fresh Black Pepper Powder that adds peppery flavor to your food. Authentic taste and exquisite flavor. Expertly blended using export quality ingredients.



Red Chilli Powder

A chili pepper that’s grown as both an ornamental plant and for its fruit. These peppers are let to sit on the plant until they turn fire engine red and burn brighter than the sun and then ground into a fine powder. While the heat is certainly intense, they possess certain red bell pepper and citrus flavors that make them more than simple fire starters. Use at the beginning of cooking to add not only a spice but also brightness to a dish.

Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is used as a spice in nearly all the world’s cuisines as a pungent, spicy, heating agent for food due to the presence of capsaicin and piperine. Teasings of citrus and wood also add to black pepper’s allure. Cracked and ground they can be added in nearly any savory recipe. Order our bulk black pepper powder today!


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